Mending Together

In Nathanial Mary Quinn’s artwork “Mend”, many ideas are being conveyed in a simple piece. As you look from the bottom of the piece, the piece looks normal. As you make your way to the top, a long neck, longer than usual, connects the regular body to the strange head. The head is drawn in a myriad of colors and styles. These different styles and colors all fit to make up one face. The purpose of having different colors and styles as the face is to show disorder and disorganization within the character. This character most likely shows Mary Quinn as a child. All of the horrible living conditions he had to face while growing up, such as a gambling father, a handicapped mother, along with the dangers of gangs, is depicted in one drawing. All of his past experiences make up who he is today as a person. Those experiences would forever be a part of him wherever he goes.


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